A well executed relocation process is an ongoing long-term task and involves a fair amount of micro management. By outsourcing all the associated practicalities to Boswell Realty, HR departments can focus on the bigger picture of strategically managing and retaining global talent. Our solution program will significantly reduce cost and time spend on the operational and controlling aspects of relocation assignments.

We work closely with our corporate clients to identify their specific objectives. Our work consistently reflects their policy, benefit parameters and budgetary thresholds. The Boswell Realty team of professional real estate consultants provides tailor-made services from day one and stays in constant contact with HR departments and assignees for the full length of an assignment.

Your Benefits
- Time. Outsource micro-management.
- Cost. Our core services are free. Boswell Realty invests back into process optimization and up-to-date market knowledge.
- Know-How. Profit from our man power and more than a decade of experience in the local relocation industry.
- Control. Comprehensive follow-up, administration and reporting solution.

With our industry expertise and dedication to customer service we have built strategic long-term cooperations with some of the major multinational companies such as Volkswagen, Maersk, Akzo Nobel, Behr Group, Tesa SE, ThyssenKrupp, Lafarge, KSB, Otis, Hella, Praxair, GF Piping Systems, French and German School EuroCampus and many others. Test our services with 1-2 trial cases and experience why all of these prestigious corporate clients trust us with their expatriate employee relocation management processes and requirements.

We realize that corporate relocation policies vary considerably and with them also the service scope that is required. The corporate strategy influences directly the number of assignees situated in Shanghai, future assignee recruitment and the respective benefit policy. This in turn has a direct impact on the HR management and outsourcing strategy. In order to provide every corporate client with a tailor made service solution, Boswell Realty customizes its cooperation proposal based on 2 levels of service: The Boswell Gold Package is the solution foundation for MNCs with less than 10 expatriates. Further services can be added on demand and are subject to a service charge.

The Boswell Diamond Package provides a complete suite of core and non-core services to MNCs with more than 10 expatriates - entirely for free. Both packages provide full coverage of core relocation and property lease services.

Find out more about the Boswell service packages by consulting the services overview below.

The Boswell Service Suite

- Step 1: Needs Analysis
Our goal is to become your long-term partner and act as an extension of your HR department. Therefore we discuss with HR professional - at the beginning, but also on a regular basis with existing clients - the company's benefit and housing policy in order to ensure compliance every step of the way. As soon as a new assignee is about to arrive to join your team in Shanghai, we assign a dedicated consultant to him/her who takes care of the whole process from there.
The housing needs and requirements of the relocating expatriate are elicited by means of a pre-arrival questionnaire and a home hunting proposal is prepared on this basis.

- Step 2: Look & See Trip
We arrange the Look & See trip and home hunting tour according to your arrival policy, but in any case we focus on providing the expatriate with a good understanding of what Shanghai has to offer for him/her personally. For the home search tour we leverage our extensive database that is being updated on a daily basis in order to provicde only the most suitable accomodation options that match policy requirements and expartriate needs. We arrange the trip schedule for a city orientation according to what is relevant for the expatriate and provide an apporpriate, tailor-made snap shot of live in Shanghai by organizing visits to a variety of points of interest such as hospitals, schools, popular expat leisure spots, recreation sites etc. We take care of all the arrangements and trip logisitics.

- Step 3: House Search
Based on the home hunting proposal, the assignee and his personal consultant see multiple accomodation options that have been vetted prior to a visit to ensure a smooth and hassle free house search process. We provide the responsible HR director with a home visit and price comparison report to keep you informed and get your approval once a suitable home was chosen. The personal consultant takes care of the communication between all the parties, the negotiation of the rental contract with the landlord and coordinates the finalization and signing of the final contract.

- Step 4: Settling-In Coordination
We ensure that everything is ready according to the contract terms prior to the move-in date. The expatriate receives comprehensive support to move and settle-in into his new home. The personal consultant takes care of the check-in procedure and provides HR with the respective report. Moreover, we provide accompaniment and support during police registration and the associated documentation.

- Step 5: Home Establishment & Problem Solving
We provide comprehensive ongoing support that ensures that the problems of living in Shanghai are kept a minimum. The personal consultant checks on a regular basis with the expatriate and the landlord to anticipate any issues and offer solutions before problems might arise. We cover various aspects such as e.g. hiring domestic helpers, assistance with the payment of utilities or medical consultation support.

- Step 6: Lease Management
Especially when dealing with multiple different cases at one time, it is important for HR to stay in control and well informed about the status of each lease contract. We effectively manage different accounts and provide HR with rental payment reminders, tax invoice collection, monthly utilities payment summary and lease renewal or (early) termination notification. We coordinate the repair and maintenance work and always strive to make the process as simple and quick as possible.

- Step 7: Immigration Service
Our legal department has a wealth of experience with supporting multinational companies and their assignees in obtaining a suitable visa, work and residence permit. Our immigration professionals deal with the authorities and documentation, but also provide personal support for the exaptriate by accompanying him/her to the necessary appointments. We support HR with the management of their visa status database and provide visa consultation and renewal reminders on time.

- Step 8: Departure Services
By carefully managing the lease during the whole contract term, we strive to ensure a smooth departure procedure. We take care of terminating the contract, arrange the payment of outstanding utilities and manage the deposit recovery.

- Step 9: Reporting and Consultation
We want to keep HR departments on top of things the whole time while reducing considerably the noise level and information influx. By providing concise reports where necessary and offer consultation when required, Boswell Realty helps you to keep track of all assignees' cases and the development of Shanghai's rental real estate market. We are HR's single point of accountability for residential lease questions.



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